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The release discusses about Reading Improvement Tools by See-N-Read Reading Tools. It further highlights the benefits of using these products.

Press Release

Aurora, IL/2019: A little help and right tools can help children with reading and learning disabilities. See-N-Read is one such resource that offers a variety of helpful reading and learning tools for such children.

Founded by a Doctorate in Instructional Technology, it came into being as an effort to assist her youngest daughter who had reading difficulties. It has since then grown by leaps & bounds and is now a trusted source of help for kids with reading and learning difficulties.

Reading Improvement Tools:

See-N-Read Reading tools: This consists of a reading strip which helps the child stay on a single line without getting distracted. It reduces line skipping and even improves reading comprehension.

MemoryMark: When used in combination with See-N-Read, this tool can be used to underline and highlight relevant text while reading. It makes it easier to revise tasks and build a child’s interest in reading.

See-N-Spell: This tool assists children in correctly spelling common words. It is a comprehensive reference guide that helps in identifying correct spellings of commonly misspelled words and their correct usage.

ColorTag: With the help of the patented Study Recall System, this tool makes it easy for kids to access key information. Its use has been shown to significantly improve both reading and writing skills. The tool enables a reader to color code the text and recall the main idea of a passage.

Benefits Of The Reading Tools

All tools are compliant with the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) regulations.

Use of Research-based assistive reading technology.

An effective reading strategy for struggling readers.

The tools can be used with any curriculum or reading material.

Adults reading complex materials can also use the tools.

These tools help readers control their eye movements across text on a page.

The materials used are polyester based and free of toxic additives & heavy metals.

The tools use the chunking reading strategy for filtering out distractions.

For more information on the products offered by See-N-Read and how they can improve your child’s reading & learning abilities, you can call at (630) 236-5592 or pay a visit at 2533 Sutton Lane, Aurora, IL 60502-9461. You can also log on to