Randy M. Sonns Announced Promising Home Appraisals in Los Angeles County, CA



This press release informs about Randy M. Sonns, Certified Residential Appraiser's upcoming home appraisal services that are even better than the existing ones.

Press Release

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Randy M. Sonns, Certified residential appraiser, has announced promising home appraisals services that’ll be helping their clients determine the fair market value of the properties even better.

“We have been working on their new appraisal project lately, and finally, it’s here. Today, we feel extremely proud to announce that the Los Angeles residents would get a chance to experience the best home appraisal service with our advanced appraisal team at Randy M. Sonns business”, said R. M. Sonns.

He added, “We always strive to improve our services’ quality. With this new project, we want to help our clients better understand the fair market value of their properties.”

With this new project, the clients will be able to:

– Get a more accurate assessment of their property’s fair market value.

– Receive a report that is easy to understand.

– Save time and money on the appraisal process.

Here’s a list of appraisal services Randy M. Sonns and his team focus on:

1) Real Estate Appraisal: The appraisers provide an accurate estimate of the fair market value of the property by taking into consideration the location, condition, recent sales data, and other factors.

2) Home Appraisal: The home appraiser’s team focus on providing an accurate assessment of the home’s value for those looking to sell their property or refinance their mortgage.

3) Divorce Appraisal: The appraisers help determine the property’s fair market value for those who are going through a divorce and need to split the assets.

4) Estate Appraisal: The team accurately estimates the property’s value for those looking to settle an estate.

5) Professional Land Appraisal: The appraisers accurately assess the land’s value for those looking to buy or sell a piece of property.

For more information about their services, please visit the website https://www.laresidentialappraiser.com.

About Randy M. Sonns, Certified Residential Appraiser

Randy M. Sonns is a certified residential appraiser working in the industry since 1992. He and his team of appraisers are dedicated to providing their clients with accurate and reliable appraisals relating to homes, residential properties, professional land, real estate, divorce, etc.

Contact Information:
8811 Canoga Ave #416
Canoga Park, CA 93104

(310) 429-3569
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