Qdexi Technology Offers Development Solutions to Speed Up Business Websites



There is nothing more frustrating than a slow loading website. Therefore, it is essential to hire a team of professional web developers for your website.

Press Release

A slow website can cause more harm than it does good to your website. Not only customers highly disapprove them but also prefers to avoid them at any cost. In fact, digital marketing experts have shared some scenarios where a single slow website slows down the entire server. Therefore, it is highly preferable to acquire reliable solutions to increase the speed of the website.

According to the recent survey, more than half of the internet users expect a website to load within 2 seconds or less. If it takes more than this then, they immediately leave the website and move toward the next possible solution. If as a reader you think that this doesn’t sound like a big deal then, understand, shoppers who had a bad experience with the website don’t prefer to visit the website again let alone buy from them. Plus, they often share their experience with their friends and family to stop them from visiting the same websites ever. This is the main reason companies consider to invest a heavy amount in professional web developers for business websites to ensure their website is not slowing down anytime sooner.

Qdexi Technology- a leading website development service provider in Canada for small business has recently announced to provide quality development solutions to speed up the business websites. The team of website developers working at the website is highly qualified, skilled and experienced. As they have spent years of working in the same field, they can easily identify the cause behind the slow website and offer the possible solutions to resolve the speed issues.

In the recent press release where the company was announcing its new range of services a reporter asked: “what causes a website to slow down?”. After hearing the question, the senior developer of the company Mr. Gorden Rogers come forward to answer this question. He said “As an experienced web developer I have witnessed a number of slow websites during my career but the causes may differ from one website to another. For instance; one website is running slow due to the poor hosting while other one fails to compete in the race due to the heavy files, plugins and more.

The thing is, it is necessary to hire the right team of the professional web developers for business websites” He further added “As a leading web design and development service provider in the USA our team of developers are highly talented. They can easily identify the cause behind the slow loading website and suggest the right solution to resolve them”. The company has recently caught the headline after the recent service launch in Saudi Arabia.