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Global Foods UK is a specialist date fruit supplier to the whole of Europe.

Press Release

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Global Foods UK (https://globalfoods.uk.com/offers fresh and high-quality date paste, one of the most well-known ingredients for natural sweetness. They supply this product to small businesses and leading brands in the pan-European market, helping them make new date products of their own. They immediately pack and refrigerate their date paste after coming from production to ensure high-level freshness.

According to Global Foods UK, date paste is a healthier alternative to sugar. They said, “Date paste is an ideal natural sweetener, that’s a healthier alternative to normal, white, granulated sugar. Made from 100% dates with the stones removed, date paste is simply made from real fruit, and therefore has all the benefits of eating whole fruit. Dates contain a whole host of nutrients and carbohydrates. So they don’t just add sweetness, they add vitamins, minerals and all important, belly loving, fibre”.

Global Foods UK offers more date products besides paste. They sell chopped dates in various sizes, which they dust using rice flour to avoid clumping. They also provide golden date syrup that is fluid and light because of their infiltration system. Their dark date syrup has a less aqueous consistency than the gold one, and it can add excellent colour to other products. Their syrups have a shelf life of one and a half year and can reduce refined sugar usage by 20%. They are 100% made from dates and have a sweet caramel toffee note. They offer whole or pitted dates, as well.

Interested parties can know more about Global Foods UK and their products by visiting https://globalfoods.uk.com/.

About Global Foods UK

Global Foods UK supplies the pan-European market with various conventional and organic date products, providing small businesses and other well-known brands worldwide. They guarantee that the goods they offer have the highest freshness on delivery because they immediately pack them after coming from production, ensuring long-lasting taste and quality. They offer date paste, chopped and whole dates, as well as golden and dark date syrup. For inquiries, you can fill out their contact form at  https://globalfoods.uk.com/#contactSection.  As an alternative, you can email them at [email protected] or talk to one of their representatives through this number +44(0)20 3086 8746.