Property Insurance Agency In San Benito



The release discusses property insurance policies offered by Smith-Reagan Insurance Agency in San Benito, TX. It further highlights the benefits of working with them.

Press Release

San Benito, TX/2018: You would certainly like to protect your property from unforeseen damages. Thus, buying a property insurance plan becomes a necessary step. You must choose a suitable insurance plan which can protect your home against a man-made disaster or natural calamity. Keeping the needs of people in mind, Smith-Reagan Insurance Agency provides comprehensive property insurance options to people across San Benito, TX. You can find a property insurance policy that adequately covers your home and property at nominal costs.

Property Insurance Options-

They aim at providing numerous insurance policy options so that you can easily choose an insurance plan based on premium, coverage and claim amount. The professionals working with the company are knowledgeable and can help you avail maximum benefit of a suitable insurance plan.

Some types of property insurance options provided by the agency are:

Homeowner insurance: It covers items present inside the property such as furniture, carpet etc. along with the structure of that property. The insurance plan covers cost related to accidents such as fire, flood etc. along with rebuilding expenditure. Similarly, Condo Insurance is provided by the company which covers structure as well as furnishing which are found inside the condominium.

Renter: While living in a rental home, renters insurance covers your belongings against theft or natural disasters.

Mobile Home Insurance: Mobile home insurance covers structure, content of home or building along with small elements such as bursting pipes and belongings etc.

Vacant Dwelling: One can insure the property which is under renovation or is lying vacant for less than two years with a vacant dwelling insurance plan.

Benefits Of Working With Them-

  • Professional and experienced agents
  • Customized coverage policies to suit everyone’s budget and need
  • Hassle free paperwork

To know more about the property insurance policies offered by Smith-Reagan Insurance Agency, visit their office at 148 N. Sam Houston Blvd, San Benito, TX 78586 or call at (956) 399 – 1353. You can also log on to their website