Proceq Ultrasonic Testing UT8000 Available at PCTE Industrial



    Proceq's UT8000 isn't your average UT set. It's not your old ultrasonic user interface given a little bit of touch functionality.

    Press Release

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    Proceq’s UT8000 isn’t your average UT set. It’s not your old ultrasonic user interface given a little bit of touch functionality. It’s a brand new platform, built from the ground up with a focus on buttery smooth user experience. A gentle learning curve with a logical and accessible menu system and gesture controls for all the functions you use regularly. Combining this with its unique software solutions to existing problems of traceability and reporting the UT8000 is going to make some big waves. With that in mind, we here at PCTE Industrial would like to highlight one of our favourite software features: Introducing “Time Rewind” a function that captures raw data from slightly before you press the record button and slightly after. This isn’t a screen recording, this is real data and you can use it to capture flaw echo dynamics. Now you can show exactly why you made your call by recording the echo dynamics from that swivel, axial, lateral or orbital scan. You can put it right there in the scan, along with your flaw table and saved notes. Now even future you will know why you made that call. Speak to your Local PCTE representative to see how the manufacturers of the Equotip are bringing Ultrasonics their pedigree of manufacturing quality combined with their software ingenuity.


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    PCTE Industrial is the Industrial NDT (INDT) equipment branch of PCTE. PCTE have been in business since 2004 and are well-known for our technical know-how, and superior support. We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland offering our customers local on the spot support to make your equipment decision and assist with any issues. We offer industrial non-destructive equipment for hardness testing, ultrasonic testing and eddy current testing. At PCTE industrial, we recognise the importance of high quality equipment and active support. We partner with suppliers who provide high quality and innovative products.