Prestige Talent.LA Performers Featured in Pageantry Magazine



Prestige Talent.LA performers were featured in the latest issue of Pageantry Magazine showcasing this year’s iPOP LA event.

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Prestige Talent.LA performers can be seen gracing the pages of the latest issue of Pageantry magazine. The summer issue, which debuted this past month, spotlights the top moments of this year’s iPOP LA even held in Orlando.

The headlining feature showcases a range of highlights from the event, in which Prestige Talent performers Sophia Mateo and Logan Stephens can be seen making their runway debut. The feature for the bi-annual convention also focused on the final awards night showcase which was directed by Prestige Talent.LA owner Bridgett Foster. An industry veteran, Bridgett worked to develop the show-stopping performances of the final night with under a week to prepare. The evening included lively performances of High School Musical: The Musical and Aladdin, both of which Bridgett Foster oversaw the success of.

Along with the multi-page spread on this year’s iPOP LA event, the publication also features an exclusive interview with Mr. iPOP and Prestige Talent.LA performer Cole Miller. Cole Miller found his way to the stage of iPOP LA at the guidance of Prestige Talent. Stating in his exclusive interview, “I originally learned about iPOP from my mother agent Bridgett Foster, who was also the one who pushed me to jump into this experience.”

In addition to the crowning achievement of being named the inaugural Mr. iPOP of the 2021 event, Prestige Talent.LA performer, Cole Miller also took part in a worldwide live-streamed photoshoot during the event. The photoshoot, which was conducted by Pageantry Magazine CEO Carl Dunn, took place center stage alongside Miss iPOP Abigaille Batu-Tiako.

Readers can pick up their own digital or print copy of the highly anticipated and exclusive coverage in Pageantry Magazine’s Summer Issue now.

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