Premier Motorhomes Ensures That You Feel At Home Even From Miles Away



Premier Motorhomes and Leisure Ltd was formed in October 2005 by director Kevin Steele (formerly co-owner of Southdowns Motorcaravans).

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Premier Motorhomes ( is one of the trusted suppliers of motorhomes and other services for any family or group’s perfect road trip needs. Their sturdy, convenient, and functional Adria motorhomes remain a top choice for tourists who are investing for the long haul. Aside from this, they carry other popular and reputable motorhome brands that ensure high-quality service and products. Hurry and catch their Spring Sale now! Get close to £ 10,000 discount on selected models (Prices are subject to changes without prior notice).

Exploring never before seen places, meeting new people, and going wherever the wind takes them are, perhaps, everyone’s greatest dreams. But hopping on planes, checking in hotels, and repeatedly packing all belongings can be tiresome. Good thing, though, that motorhomes are made just for this. Nothing beats sleeping in and waking up before breath-taking scenery!

All this is achievable with Premier Motorhomes as they are now also a dealer of the best motorhomes & vans! Their state-of-the-art vans and RV units are manufactured in Slovenia and designed to make travellers feel at home even miles away. Adria aspires to come up with innovative yet highly functional designs and layouts for the generations to come.

Premier Motorhomes promises to provide superb quality motorhomes – may it be brand-new or refurbished units – to satisfy a traveller’s desire for adventure. One of their bestsellers is the 2021 Adria Coral Supreme 670DL. Its best features include a lounge front and twin single beds for space optimisation. Its layout also consists of a bathroom, kitchen, under bed storage, and opposing benches. It also has a freezer, electric and gas water heating, large and panoramic roof light, solar panels, and so much more.

Another pick is the 2011 Adria Twin GT which has a Striking Baltic orange exterior finish that makes it stand out from the crowd. This model is anyone’s cheap yet best option so far as it is only priced at £ 39,995! It has a bathroom, kitchen, fridge, half-dinette seating, transverse bed layout, and many more.

About Premier Motorhomes

Premier Motorhomes is one of the largest suppliers of luxury and premium motorhomes, whether brand-new or refurbished. Founded in October 2005 by director Kevin Steele, the company aims to provide high-quality RV units to satisfy every traveller’s and family’s craving for adventure. They also carry well-known brands of motorhome manufacturers, including Adria, Dethleffs, Auto-Sleepers, Bailey, and more. They only want to ensure that your travels are just as enjoyable and comfortable. To get the best prices for all in-stock models, you may fill out their contact form at Alternatively, you may call them at 01243 511189 or email them at [email protected].