POPCoin System @ POPbc.io Announces Launch of Group Coin Sale & New Website



POPCoin System provides a service platform for third parties to easily develop solutions with block chain functionality.

Press Release

The POPCoin System provides a service platform for third parties to easily develop solutions with block chain functionality. The platform has all of the core functionality built in, including block-chain I / O, data retrieval, and P2P networking. POPCoin System has announced launch of 1st Coin Sale and a new website.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will start from 2018.6.20 and end on 2018.7.31. Participation in ICO can be done at popbc.io. In case you miss ICO this time, the next ICO is scheduled on 2018.10.1 and the price is to be double of the current price.

POPCoin System offers Group Coin. The advantage of the POPCoin platform is that even if a company or group does not adopt an independent private block chain, it is easy to build a private block chain within the POPCoin platform, and is also filed as a patent by the Foundation. Since the information needed only within a group is contained in the group block and the publicly related information is separated into the public blocks, it has the advantage of being able to quickly handle many functions related to the group without affecting the entire nodes.

To get in on PopCoin, you have to go to the company website https://www.popbc.io/. The coins sold and paid in Ethereum and coins are paid at a rate of 30,000 POPCoins per 1 ETH. To participate in the sale you must first register on the current website, submit your ICO application and send the Ethereum to the designated account.

Service plugin is an API application service based on the API of the pop-coin platform and is developed and provided for users to use easily. There should be services developed by the foundation and services developed and provided by third-party developers. For apps developed and provided by third-party developers, you can sell, rent, or apply various revenue models including advertisement just like app markets. The POPCoin Foundation is planning to open up a plugin market to facilitate the development of various plugin services by third-party developers and for the convenience of users.

About POPCoin System:
The POPCoin system is a hybrid structure of a public network and a private network. Public networks have public block chains, and private networks have private block chains. The advantage of doing so is that you can run various block-chain-based solutions over a private block chain, while simultaneously these solutions using the POPCoin billing feature, which operates on a public block chain. For more details visit our website: https://www.popbc.io/