Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC Offers High-Quality Marine Diesel Engine Oil



    Now, get high-quality marine diesel engine oil at Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC.

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    Now, get high-quality marine diesel engine oil at Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC. They are UAE based Petroleum & Energy company offering Marine lubricant specially designed for modern Low-Speed 2-stroke Marine Diesel Engines using High Sulphur Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO).

    At Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC, one can get marine diesel engine oil in a viscosity grade of SAE 50. These marine diesel engine oil comes with excellent acid neutralizing capability and ensures reliable engine durability and cleanliness. This marine lubricant is well-suited with normal seal materials. It can enhance the life of every engine component by neutralizing acid.

    The marine diesel engine oil offered by Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC has outstanding detergency which reduces deposits on crucial parts, pistons, cylinder ports, ring grooves, and piston rings. Marine diesel engine oil has enhanced anti-wear property which minimizes piston ring & cylinder wear leading to reduced maintenance costs. Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC’s Marine diesel engine oil is versatile for many applications, particularly for cylinder lubrication of highly rated low-speed crosshead marine diesel engines.

    Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC is a leading company in UAE which manufactures and markets a vast range of premium quality Industrial, Marine and Speciality Products. Their mission is to provide high-quality products that combine performance with value pricing and excellent service, keeping in mind conservation of environment.

    So, get marine diesel engine oil only from a trusted manufacturer of energy and petroleum products. Visit their website today . Contact them at +971-6-7433099 or send them an email to [email protected]


    About the company

    Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC, based in the UAE, is a Petroleum & Energy company, it is one of the prominent companies in the region, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of premium Quality Automotive, Industrial, Marine and speciality products. We offer gasoline, diesel engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic, outboard, 4 strokes lubes applications. We also manufacture specialty lubricant products for transformer, spindle, turbine, quenching, compressor, and cutting, besides brake fluid, flushing oil and multipurpose lithium and calcium base grease.