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The release discusses pet care products offered at Pet Supplies Plus. It further discusses grooming services at the pet store in San Antonio, TX.

Press Release

San Antonio, TX 2017/ Press Release: When it comes to shopping for quality pet food, treats, toys, bedding and other supplies, it is important to select the right pet shop. Pet parents in San Antonio, TX, looking for a trusted pet shop can visit Pet Supplies Plus. The store is a preferred choice for food products and other supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish and other small animals. The staff will assist you in selecting the most suitable options for your pet, based on its age, breed, health and nutritional needs.

Pet Products Available At Pet Supplies Plus:

Food Products – The store offers high quality food products to keep your pet healthy and active. It is one of the leading suppliers of organic and natural pet food in San Antonio.

Clothes And Accessories – At Pet Supplies Plus, you will find variety of clothing options to keep your pet warm or make it look stylish. The store provides clothes with velcro buckles or elastics to ensure proper fitting. You can also shop from a wide range of pet accessories like bowls, feeders, perches, cages etc.

Bedding – In order to provide comfort to the pets, the store offers a variety of beds and bedding. Pet parents can opt for beds according to their pet’s size and health requirements. The beds offered at the pet store are made up of natural and hypoallergenic material. For pet birds, the shop provides a range of nesting material and eco-friendly bedding.

Pet parents in San Antonio can also visit the store to avail their pet grooming services. It includes self-service/professional dog wash, dental care, nail clipping, flea treatments etc.

To know more about pet store, visit 5809 Babcock Road, San Antonio, Texas, 78240 or call at (210) 920 – 9010. For additional information, you can also log on to