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Another important collaboration for the Italian Hi-Pro brand Pequod Acoustics, specialized into speakers with a design that stands out.

Press Release

Firenze, Italy., November 1, 2019 — A few days ago a set of Pequod Acoustics speakers was used as sound system by Boiler Room, for one of their world famous parties.

The party was held in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam, at Khu 13. Boiler Room parties are famous in the world as they can lived anywhere in world online on YouTube. Pequod Acoustics is an 100% Made in Italy brand. The philosophy of the brand is HiPro, as it takes hi fi sound quality into the professional field. Pequod Acoustics have a design that stands out and were recently used by Burberry for an important runaway event in London.



Pequod Acoustics: Made in Florence Hi-Pro speakers that stand out

Just like Captain Ahab in “Moby Dick”‘ drives the Pequod whaler-ship pursuing the white whale, the two founders of Pequod Acoustic, two engineers, two brothers, Simone, and Andrea Ugolini, drive their own company pursuing the perfection of sound reproduction. There are other connections between sea and Pequod Acoustics: speakers are made in fiberglass, the same material used in race boats. It’s resistant and easy to repair. Furthermore, in the company logo shows clearly the shape of a sawfish. This kind of fish has a rostrum that can “feel” the electric waves of its prey… Pequod Acoustics speakers do the opposite: they spread music perfectly. Pequod Acoustics speakers have such a gorgeous visual impact. Their rounded shapes, their big dimensions stand out from the usual grey square boxes of audio equipment. But Simone and Andrea Ugolini chose only the strong colors (white and red, mostly) of their speakers. The shape of the cones was crafted by sound itself. “Our speakers could only have this shape and dimensions. That’s why they sound so good”, the brothers say. The never-ending journey of Pequod Acoustics begins in Florence, Italy, where the unique products of this brand are designed, engineered and produced. It does not happen by chance. In the same places where Leonardo Da Vinci created his inventions, there’s now a supply chain of Italian firms dedicated to high-end and pro audio. Pequod Acoustics chose to do something unexpected: it took innovative high-end solutions into the pro audio arena. That’s why its speakers are so light, that’s why they have such a high ratio between sound pressure level and system weight (dB/KG). Moreover, they have a very low ratio between cost and sound pressure (€/dB)… The philosophy of Pequod Acoustics is easy to tell: no compromise, tireless research, and unique solutions.

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