Panorama & NACE: Two NIPT Tests Available in India



“Panorama and NACE have introduced new technology in India and expected to witness a high growth”, says RNCOS.

Press Release


Currently, two NIPT tests are available in India, namely Panorama and NACE. In 2015, Natera Inc. began offering its Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) PanoramaTM in India. The test is facilitated in India by an agreement signed between Natera and MedGenome. As per the agreement, the company will develop the capacity and perform the Panorama test in India, thus introducing a quality intensive and cost effective genetic testing. MedGenome has the state-of-the-art research lab in Bangalore.


Launched in October 2015, NACE is a Non-Invasive Prenatal Test which can detect genetic abnormalities from the 10th week of gestation onwards, without creating any complications in the pregnancy. The results are declared within 7-10 days of taking a sample. This test is highly accurate. NACE was launched in India by Igenomix.


According to new report by RNCOS, named, “Indian NIPT Market Outlook 2022”, In essence, while forming an alliance with a large pathology service provider, the local player gets the advantage of an already established network of blood collection centers, while partnering with gynecologists will provide a low cost, low risk mean of sample collection. Besides, since gynecologists are the key influencers in the market, partnering with them will prove beneficial to players. But this approach has its own pitfalls. While making arrangements for the gynecologist to collect a sample in a player’s NIPT kit, arrangements shall also have to be made for the timely submission of the sample to the main laboratory (in or outside India). For such arrangements, players can explore the exhaustive network of the organized Indian logistics market.


The top challenge faced by the key players in the market is the relatively low awareness amongst Indian gynecologists and obstetricians. India has around 30,000 gynecologists spread across geographies. Some of the key initiatives taken in this direction include conducting conferences for the reputed gynecologists in key cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Bangalore; and spreading awareness about the benefits and technology of NIPT. Alternatively, players are launching online marketing campaigns to spread awareness about the benefits of NIPT. They are also planning to focus on making an India specific website, wherein the NIPT can be suitably placed and promoted amongst the Indian consumers.