Panache Exhibitions: Addressing The Modern Needs Of Exhibit Design Industry



Exhibit solutions should have potential to connect with the audience. They should not be just visually stunning, but, also serve the purpose of client.

Press Release

16th May, 2019, New Delhi – Exhibit solutions available at present are transforming the ways of showcasing products and services in an exhibition. With the emergence of new technologies and standards, this industry is witnessing a drastic change, wherein, design & build team works on projects and executes them with utmost precision. To address this concern, Panache has set a benchmark in the market and delivered state-of-art exhibit solutions to clients. After serving the customers for over a decade, the company has attained several positive feedbacks from them. These clients believe that Panache has come up as a visionary to fill the gaps of exhibit design industry through its visually appealing, durable and presentable exhibition booths.

To acknowledge this successful response of customers, the founder of Panache, Mohd Razi Shakir added: “Our 360° bespoke exhibit design solutions are aimed at fulfilling the dreams of our clients through simple yet definite approach. With our designs, we help brands convey strong message to the audience with our exhibit solutions”.

No doubt, the company has established its niche in the exhibition design industry by offering clients unique, innovative solutions. Each project gets planned with flawless structure and design which altogether mark excellence of Panache in all the aspects. Attention to all the details is given by the experts of this company to offer effective outcome. Designs of exhibition booth are created in a way that they communicate with the audience without fail.

Mr. Shakir states: “Our team understands the importance of communication that is efficacious and long lasting. This communication role is executed by exhibit design strategy of Panache, wherein, visually appealing structure is finalized”.

The best part about this company is its efficiency to complete the project within specified despite of challenges. At times, the team of Panache has limited time, but, its plan to incorporate the ideas was less. In such situations, the proactive team of exhibition stand builders & designers executed the project in a calculative manner. These professionals have retained quality in work even though they had to speed up their work.

Mr. Shakir appreciated the efficiency of his team and exclaimed: “We believe in adding quality within the framework of exhibition stall no matter irrespective of challenges which may prevail in execution process. Panache has a team of professionals who put in their best efforts to accomplish the project without missing the deadline.

Considering the achievement of Panache in the past one decade, the business of this company seems to be promising and effective for business promotion.