Palm Oil Market By Importing, Exporting Countries, Companies, Global Forecast By 2026



Palm Oil Market will reach US$ 105.97 Billion by 2026. Global Forecast by Top Consuming, Producing, Importing, Exporting Country, Company Analysis.

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The Palm oil is derived from the mesocarp of the palm tree fruit (Elaeisguineensis) originates from West –Africa. Nowaday’s palm oil is used as an edible vegetable oil because it provides high colour and flavour to cuisines. Palm oil is also an essential factor in manufacturing biscuits, margarine, bread, instant noodles, cereals, lipsticks, candles, chocolates, shampoos, ice cream, and detergents. Due to its versatile use, palm oil is in high demand in the market globally. According to Renub Research, Global Palm Oil Market will reach US$ 105.97 Billion by 2026.

The demand for palm oil is expanding globally. Indonesia, India and China are among the top palm oil-consuming countries. According to the official data, in India, about 349,000 hectare spread across 16 states have total palm oil potential in 2019. Palm oil is inexpensive to use with providing suitable replacement of partially-hydrogenated fat-containing trans-fatty acids. Along with that, palm oil has numerous health benefits like improving eye vision, keeping younger, increasing immune in body and subsiding the risk of heart attack and cancer. As per our findings, the Palm Oil Industry will grow at a healthy CAGR of 11.62% during 2020-2026.

Malaysia is one of the biggest palm oil exporters to the United Arab Emirates. The demands of palm oil are increasing in the industry for manufacturing renewable and halal certified cosmetics and the processed foods sector. Besides, United Arab Emirates is also one of the most important exporters of supply processed products to GCC & neighbouring countries. Because of UAE strategic position, it provides easy access to Europe and Africa. The Market for Palm Oil World Over was valued at US$ 54.79 Billion in 2020.

Covid-19 Impact on Palm Oil Industry

Around the world, COVID -19 pandemic has impacted many industries and this has impacted palm oil industry too. Production and consumption in the producing and consuming countries have been impacted much by restrictions on transportation, lockdown, and restriction among nation’s borders. In India, palm oils were mostly consumed in the hotels and restaurants. But all were locked down due to COVID restriction. But we believe the market to revive from the second half of 2021 as vaccinations have started.


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