Oppositional Defiant Disorder Child – Tips For a Peaceful Home



Many parents question their parenting skills when one of their children develops a belligerent attitude when disciplined or asked to do things by an adult

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This is normal if it happens occasionally. It would actually be abnormal if a child was not defiant every now and then. But when this behavior becomes the normal everyday behavior, you may have an oppositional defiant disorder child. This is a child who always reacts defiantly to authority figures.

This is not normal. If left untreated, this condition can lead not only to more problems at home but major problems when the child gets into school. It prevents the child from being able to function in a normal life setting. Although your oppositional defiant disorder child can drive you absolutely nuts at times, as parents it’s up to us to ensure they get treated and have a fair shot at life.

One of the symptoms of an oppositional defiant disorder child is they want to argue about everything they are asked to do. They may intentionally try to make other people angry, frustrated or upset. They argue with adults about everything. They constantly pick on or try to irritate their siblings.

As you can imagine, this behavior can cause major problems in school as the child will disrespect authority and often get in trouble. Additionally, as the child gets older, these “minor” defiance issues could turn into legal trouble or other serious issues.

It is unclear what actually causes this condition, but many people feel it could be related to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Sometimes the medicine used to treat ADHD can help with the oppositional defiant disorder child.

It is also commonly recommended that some type of psychological therapy be used in dealing with this condition. If you feel that your child may have this condition you may want to seek professional help.

Putting too much attention on the child with this condition may actually make the situation worse. It is better to get involved in more family activities that can focus on other things instead of focusing all of your attention on this child. This can help the child refocus on other interests as well.

Dr. Sharmistha Barai a child psychiatrist can help you determine a treatment course that will work best for you and your child. It is best to get a treatment program set up and working so that you can focus your attention on other things within your life.

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