New Haven Furnishings: Elevating Dining Experiences in Los Angeles



AMKO Group launches New Haven Furnishings: Elevating LA dining with stylish, crafted furniture, dedicated to exceptional service.

Press Release

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Los Angeles, CA- 10/05/2024- The AMKO Group is pleased to introduce New Haven Furnishings, your go-to source for restaurant furniture store that enhance Los Angeles dining experiences. We are devoted to helping restaurants in creating warm, stylish settings that make an appearance on their customers. We provide outstanding craftsmanship, creative design, and outstanding service.


Words of The Managing Director

AMKO Group is thrilled to present New Haven Furnishings as the best option for eateries wishing to upgrade their dining areas in Los Angeles. Our goal is to give restaurateurs top-notch furniture that suits their specific aesthetic and ambiance requirements while fulfilling their functional objectives. We work hard to provide restaurateurs with furniture resolutions that improve their businesses and give their customers unique dining adventures. New Haven Furnishings will help you realize your idea whether you’re launching a new business or remodeling an existing one.


Words of The Marketing Team

Our mission as the marketing team for New Haven Furnishings is to highlight to dining enterprises all around Los Angeles the excellence and adaptability of our restaurant furniture choices. Our goal is to establish New Haven Furnishings as the leading source of restaurant furnishings in the vicinity. So, we employ focused advertising efforts, captivating material, and tactical collaborations. By emphasizing the robustness and design we hope to draw in restaurateurs who look for fashionable and dependable furniture. Come along with us as we use New Haven Furnishings to assist restaurants enhance the eating experience.


Words of The Technical Team

The technological staff at New Haven Furnishings is devoted to delivering a smooth and intuitive online shopping experience for our patrons, working behind the scenes on our behalf. Our technological staff works nonstop to ensure that our online store is effective, dependable, and simple from website creation and optimization to secure payment implementation processing systems. We want restaurateurs to be able to easily browse our extensive catalog of restaurant furniture, place orders, and follow shipments thanks to our emphasis on technology and innovation. You can rely on New Haven Furnishings to provide a flawless shopping experience from beginning to end, regardless of the size of the restaurant you’re furnishing.


About New Haven Furnishings

With a large selection of indoor and outdoor furniture to improve dining areas, AMKO is a top supplier of restaurant furniture in Los Angeles. Our wide selection of products like Outdoor restaurant table tops includes styles and ambiances to fit every restaurant, from sleek and contemporary to classic and timeless. You can rely on New Haven Furnishings to turn your dining area into a warm and fashionable setting that entices visitors to stay longer.