Naleia Yachting offers sailing course in Croatia under a professional skipper to enhance your sailing skill



The sailing course in Croatia offered by Naleia Yachting gives you the chance to enhance your sailing skills while having fun and excitement.

Press Release

Sailing holidays in Croatia is the only way to discover hidden gems of Croatia. Thousands of islands, hundreds of uninhabited beautiful bays and historic stone-paved cities that feature UNESCO sites, are waiting to be explored. The sailing course in Croatia organized by Naleia Yachting gives you that opportunity to have such a holiday while having best of sailing training under a professional skipper.

The experience you can expect

The experience that you can expect while having sailing course in Croatia organized by Naleia Yachting is amazing. They put you on a yacht with like-minded people. They set out with you for the adventure of discovering coastlines along the Mediterranean Sea and beyond. Skippers teach you sailing along the way and let nature frame the schedule for our experience.

One of the spokespersons of Naleia Yachting said, “Have a professional skipper to coach your sailing skills during the sailing course in Croatia that we organize. Join a small crew of five for a week of practicing most stressful maneuvers. Out of the high season, with possibly some rougher weather, we will sail, enjoy a background of Croatian coastline and learn how to get things under control and reach a safe haven.”

The yachts used to offer the training

Yachts that they use for offering the sailing course in Croatia are always young, 5-10 years old and of a good quality brands. Each of the yachts offers 3-5 cabins: at least three of which have a double bed and one or two cabins are with two single beds. Additionally there is a convertible sofa in the saloon where your skipper will sleep. This normally adds up to 9 people per yacht. However, it might happen that on a larger yacht there will be 11 people in total, while on smaller seven people in total. Cabins have small closets and cubbies for your clothes and possessions. Each yacht is equipped with at least two bathrooms where you can have a shower. They are compact, but you will get accustomed to them in no time.

The sailing course in Croatia will enable you to discoverer spirit and plan your adventures accordingly to the winds, the weather and your wishes. This means the order as well as some of stopovers may be different from presented.

About Naleia Yachting

Naleia Yachting is known for openness, kindness and care for others are essential parts of this trip. People joining Naleia Yachting are not looking for mass events where anonymity and size of the event prevent from really getting to know fellow travelers. Naleians seek entertainment, yes, but also freedom to enjoy the location they are in and a schedule allowing spontaneous ideas to come to life.