MyHome Suggests Open Kitchen Design for Kitchen Remodeling Project



MyHome Design & Remodeling – a full-service kitchen and bathroom remodeling firm suggests open kitchen design for your kitchen remodeling project in New York.

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Designing and decorating your kitchen space is a challenging task as it serves a specific purpose. It seems difficult to get the cohesive vibe flowing throughout the space. If you’re prepping for kitchen remodeling in New York, MyHome Design & Remodeling suggests you to consider open concept kitchen space design complementing your overall home décor in the best way as possible. Your expert kitchen remodelers believe that open kitchen is a trendy design option and you can combine two rooms by considering open kitchen shelving. Focus on adding open kitchen shelving and display all kitchen items like stoneware dinner plates, ceramic mugs etc. This way, you will be able to create a comfortable cooking space that brings in harmony to the entire living space.

If you’re thinking to add colors and textures to your kitchen during kitchen remodeling in NYC, you’ve made a good decision. At MyHome Design & Remodeling, their professional kitchen renovation specialists suggest to consider the same color scheme likewise your overall home décor. You should find innovative ways to use similar neutral tones and hues between different spaces to unify the rooms. Besides, you need to create definitive areas that outline the kitchen, dining and living room perfectly. If you define the kitchen space, it will allow the room to look cohesive and serve a specific purpose. You can define different areas in your living space through area rugs. There are many ways you can integrate them in your floor plan – putting it in the middle of living room, under the dining room table, runners along the kitchen floor, etc.

When considering kitchen renovation in NYC, you should never forget about the wall. More often homeowners overlook the architectural details on the walls during their kitchen renovation project. Install molding, trim or panel along the walls between two rooms to make the transition from a room to another smooth. Besides, you should focus on creating a seamless look. Whether you have clutter like a toaster, blender, food processor, pans and pots, kitchen counters or items piling up on your kitchen barstool, you should look for ways to keep the excess items away from display. You should make sure that your eyes can travel around the open concept kitchen design easily without any hassle.