Myhome Discusses Important Things To Consider For Bathroom Renovation Project



MyHome – a noteworthy general remodeling contractor discusses a few important things to consider for your upcoming bathroom renovation project in New York.

Press Release

MyHome Design & Remodeling is a full-service kitchen and bathroom remodeling firm in NYC providing custom-designed renovation solutions. Whether you want a master bathroom remodel or a simple bath renovation, MyHome remodelers suggest homeowners to focus on aesthetics and functionality. Your experienced bathroom remodeling contractors have handled extensive arrays of projects and know how to help you through the process. When it comes to considering large and small bathroom remodels, plumbing is something that you should never miss out. While taking into account of plumbing fixtures, the size of the drain should large enough to allow things to pass through. This way, you’ll avoid clogging the drain. It’s better to have a two inch pipe for the drain during New York bathroom renovation project. You have to ensure that pipes using for water supply don’t pass through the exterior wall; especially if you live in a cold area.

Lighting is another aspect for bathroom renovation in NYC. You should use functional and aesthetically-appealing light fixtures to brighten up the bath space. Besides, you’ve to decide the size and placement for your vanity and medicine cabinets as per the available space in the bathroom. If you don’t have enough space, choose a cabinet. Get drawer storage; if your bathroom space allows. Always think about the areas where you should place them and make sure that they’re accessible. Choose the tubs or shower as per the preferences of your family. If you’ve limited space, you should install a wall-hung toilet. It’s important that your bathroom floor isn’t slippery to get rid of any mishaps. Use textured larger tiles as they provide more grip. Choose smaller tiles that deliver enough traction. Select the color and design of tiles that compliment your space perfectly. Add a window to your bathroom which will allow fresh air inside and improve the overall look. You should use water-resistant and rust-free materials in your bathroom.