Music Bands Common Goal Discussed by Nadel Paris



Just like in playing soccer, it is so much easier for a band when there is a goal to aim for.

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There are many reasons to be in a band and many can be achieved at the same time so if a few people have different aims for joining that is fine but there has to be at least an agreement about the general direction and total aims for the act. The token line that most bands will say is that they want to be rich and famous but that can be achieved in many ways. Is selling out an option? Does it matter what style the band has or what fans they have as long as they sell a lot of records?


EDM Artist Nadel Paris says that starting a band is pretty fun and very little beats the excitement of playing your first gig and getting the buzz that goes with it. For many people that level is enough, being able to play in front of a few people and having the crowd cheering their name can provide a lot of excitement but for others, it is all about more. Depending on your circumstances, being in a band may be a fun hobby for a few years during school or in a job to pass the time but for others, it may be the biggest thing they will ever do and will encompass their entire life.


Dreaming of making it huge is no bad thing but it takes a lot of hard work and effort and every member of a band has to put this in for it to be a success. If someone in the band is happy to see what happens whilst the rest of the group are willing to give their all to be a success, it has to be questioned if that one person is right for the group. They may be a great person and perhaps they have been your friend for years but if everyone else wants to make a career and a life out of rock n roll, it can be very hard on the person who just wants some fun.


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