Make Your Own Gluten Free Muesli Recipe by Adding Muesliikon



Whether you're a single, mother with a family or an executive who travels, being overlook to health is not good.

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Whether you’re a single, mother with a family or an executive who travels, being overlook to health is not good. With MuesliiKon, now you can enjoy the best recipe in a more healthy way. MuesliiKon is rich in fiber, protein and is adaptable the way you consume it. It can be taken with cold or hot milk, spread or mix with your salad or even sprinkled on your yogurt as a parfait.

MuesliiKon is an appetizing blend consisting of natural Quinoa, Rolled Oats, Chia seeds, Raisins, Almonds, Flax Seeds, Walnuts and more. This blend is a healthier alternative to Arizona granola and other sugary cereals which typically have very high amount of sugar content with high calories.

Now enjoy the deliciousness of a stimulating unique product made with a variety of nuts, whole grains, and seeds. It is tasty, crunchy and chewy and is a premium high quality mix which is very versatile and can be eaten with fresh fruits.

For those looking to have a special diet, this is a major breakthrough, as they can quickly and easily access and buy the right food. So, if you have gluten intolerance you can choose something that any person else would take for granted for breakfast, such as toast, or muesli. In fact, you can now choose anything that you want to have in breakfast, because there’s so much choice out there with gluten free muesli.

MuesliiKon tastes delicious and is low in sugar. You can add it in any fruit such as blueberries, peaches, dates and many more. MuesliiKon is a healthy blend that tastes great and with mixing it in your recipe you not only avoids health-hindering sugars as well as preservatives but you get to choose all of your preferred ingredients.

About Muesliikon

Muesliikon was founded by a lawyer, who is health-conscious and was struggling with her weight all her life. She first discovered Muesli while travelling to Europe. For more information about healthy food cereal and to buy Muesliikon online visit their online shop for best price deals.