Make Smoking Interesting with Aesthetic Glass Bubblers, Bongs and Pipes from Leafglass



Leafglass, one of the leading glass pipe wholesale distributors provides high quality wholesale glass bubblers, glass pipe bundles, glass bongs and more.

Press Release

Smoking cannabis can be extremely incredible experience especially when you try different ways to smoke them. The aesthetically designed glass pipes bundles, glass bubblers and bongs enhance the smoking experience of every smoker. Among all the options available the most exotic and interesting way to smoke cannabis is through the glass bubblers which is a type of water pipe with a unique set of advantages. The bubblers are portable and fill the middle ground between pipes and bongs. What makes the bubblers popular over bongs and pipes is its ornamental aesthetic. And keeping the popularity of these astonishing smoking options, Leafglass, one of the leading glass pipe wholesale distributors supply a wide variety of these smoking supplies.

At Leafglass they keep on updating their collection of glass pipe bundles, glass bubbles and glass bongs. To their wholesale glass bubblers collection they have added more oil rigs, and other accessories of glass bubblers. Being reputed wholesale glass bongs suppliers they make sure to provide you with the best quality glass bongs and hence they have updated their glass bongs collection by adding more banger hangers and other glass bongs accessories. Their accessory section offers glass bowls, acrylic grinders, metal grinders, hangs, bangers, standard quality grinders, 2 part 4 part grinders, wood grinders, dugouts and much more. Their Factories in India offer a complete service ranging from packaging to branding services just to ensure your convenience. Everything is possible at Leafglass. Maintaining high quality and standard of personalized service is what sets them apart.

“We update our Collection of Glass Pipe and Glass Bubblers bongs regularly. Wholesale Bubblers collection for this month we have added more Oil Rigs, Wholesale Glass Bubblers and Accessories. Wholesale smoking pipes, glass bubblers, grinders, Custom production and more. All wholesale smoking pipes are manufactured of high quality Pyrex glass, of international standards. With a number of clients across Europe and USA, Leafglass has a firm reputation in the world of wholesale. We have established strong relations with our customers, with over 2 decades of service. Also you can ask for our current live catalog link, where Wholesale Bubblers collection is regularly updated.” – says a spokesperson at Leafglass.

About the Company:
Leafglass is a leading supplier of wholesale glass bubblers, glass pipe bundles, smoking pipes, wood, and glass smoking pipes, glass bongs and great selection of new glass pipes. Established in 1994, they import and supply a wide range of smoking glassware, grinders and other smoking accessories.