Los Angeles: 312 deaths from traffic accidents in 2022. What awaits us in 2023?



2023 does not envision a possible reduction in the number of fatal traffic accidents. Without good driving habits and road safety, it will be difficult to achieve a downward correction.

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That’s right, the barrier of 300 annual car accident deaths in Los Angeles was broken. A figure never seen before since these types of measurements were made.

Excessive speed, drunk drivers, street takeovers, street races, disrespect for signs, aggressive drivers, distraction with cell phones, recklessness everywhere, everything adds up and contributes its bit so that during 2022 there have been 312 fatalities.

Apparently, government measures have had little effect in trying to reduce deaths from traffic accidents and show a positive balance. The great effort that organizations make by installing new traffic lights at intersections, installing speed reducers on the highway, marking pedestrian crossings, creating new exclusive lanes for cyclists, reducing speed limits on roads with a high volume of accidents, is well known. however nothing seems to work.

So what happens? Many specialists affirm that it is due to the design of the roads. Or, is it more of a culture problem? Should government entities invest more in creating awareness, good habits and citizen behaviour?

What does 2023 hold for us?

2022 ended with alarming figures, and 2023 began with shocking fatal accidents such as the one that occurred in South Los Angeles, in which a mother along with her three children was violently run over. Two of them unfortunately died from their injuries. Is this possible? Can you imagine the pain of that mother for the terrible loss of her children? Worse yet, the driver fled the scene. Apparently, now it is the most normal and common thing to read in the news.

With these mortality figures increasing year after year, a 2023 with a decrease in deaths from car accidents is not in sight. Quite the opposite.

It is a frustrating and difficult situation to overcome, however, at Unidos LegalesĀ Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers, we will continue to fight those negligent drivers who do not care about the consequences of their actions.

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