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Lord Hanuman is considered as the embodiment of devotion. His is as powerful and strong as thunder and as sharp as lightning. Lord Hanuman is actually the incarnation of Shiva. Hanuman, son of Anjana and Kesri, is also known as Maruti. The name ‘Pavan Putra’ is given to him because he is the son of Vayu that is wind. Among all the names, Lord Hanuman is more popular by the name Bajrang Bali, which means the strongest one.

In many photos, he is seen holding a mountain of mace and herbs in his arms. This depicts his power and strength. He is so powerful that it is said that he had once crushed malefic demon under the feet. Hanuman ji is the problem solver of all, the inspirer, the mental support, and the physical strength of all. If you believe in him and remember him when you need hope and confidence, he will always be there beside you. Lord Hanuman helps his devotees make their journey blissful and safe. Because of these reasons, many people also look for Hanuman Ji photo frames online and in the market stores for gifting, for decorating their own homes. In order to invoke Lord hanuman to get his blessings, install his photo frame in your home.

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