LongevityTechFund Started Accepting New Investors For Second Fund



After successful conclusion of LongevityTech.fund, the second fund is now open for business.

Press Release

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Palo Alto, California, September 14, 2022 – LongevityTech.fund has started accepting new investors for its second fund, Longevitytech.fund II. The first fund concluded with over 40+ investments, including one exit and one IPO – Genflow Bio – placing Longevitytech.fund firmly in the world’s top 5 most active longevity investors. Longevitytech.fund II will be managed by the same team led by Petr Sramek as the first fund, with newly-appointed experienced Jyothi Devakumar, PhD, as the second Managing Partner focused on science.

The fund’s investments fall into broad longevity categories – therapeutics, biomarker discovery, diagnostics, and preventative and regenerative modalities. The fund aims to support and capture the longevity innovation wave through seed, pre-seed, and other early stage investments.
Petr Sramek “The science and industry of longevity is experiencing exponential growth. Longevity solutions bring real value to the global population, it is becoming one of the largest and most impactful industries.

The fund has started accepting new commitments from investors and targets the first closing in October 2022 with a target size of $50 million. Ongoing commitments will be accepted through the beginning of 2023 with a maximum fund size of $100 million.

Longevitytech.fund has recently been included in the top 5 most active global longevity investors. The first Longevitytech.fund concluded with 40+ investments, including one exit and one IPO. Longevitytech.fund is a global investor and operates from headquarters in Palo Alto, California and Prague, Czech Republic.

About Longevity Tech Fund
Longevitytech.fund does pre-seed and seed-stage investments in the best of worldwide early-stage startups and university spinoffs based on our close cooperation with top scientists in the field of aging research and rejuvenation, biotechnology, bioinformatics, agetech, and related AI. We Provide an active approach with entrepreneurial help, network and commercialization support. We also provide a longevity program for our LPs. Our goal is to extend healthy and active human life and minimize chronic and age-related diseases.