Libra Ecosystem Announces Airdrop Program Round 2 – Join & Earn 25 LC Coins



Here is all you need to know about the Libra Airdrop Program Round 2 and the process to participate in it

Press Release

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The Libra ecosystem, a blockchain-based platform for eCommerce businesses, is proud to announce the second round of their much-anticipated airdrop program, which intends to give away 25 LC coins to each of the program participants.

Here is all you need to know about the Libra Airdrop Program Round 2 and the process to participate in it.

“Libra is a project that was created to help e-commerce vendors, dealers and portals to streamline their businesses using advanced technologies like the blockchain. The Libra Ecosystem uses the blockchain technology to offer solutions to the core problems of the traditional e-commerce industry, which include the need for middlemen, high cost of transactions, lack of transparency, limited payment methods, etc.,” says the Libra Coin founder and CEO.

Libra Coin is an ETH-based digital currency that can be used for digital payments within and outside of the ecosystem.

The price of the Libra Coin (LC) has increased by almost 500% since its launch a couple of years back, which makes it one of the fastest-growing digital currencies. So, of course, everyone wants to get their hands on this most valuable asset of our time. And now, you have the chance to win 25 Libra coins for free using these simple steps.

How to participate and win 25 LC Coins

To earn free LC coins under the airdrop program round 2, one must visit the website and fill up the application form for the program. The form is available at

Open the application form.

Read the terms carefully.

Complete all the steps mentioned in the first part.

Now, fill up the form with the correct details.

Remember, it’s mandatory to first register on the Libra Ecosystem website in order to be eligible to get free 25 LC coins under this program.

Also, you can earn additional bonus coins by referring your friends to join the platform.
Make sure to provide your correct wallet address, where the award (coins) will be sent.
The social media handles/links must be the same that you are using to follow/like the Libra Ecosystem social channels.
Provide your valuable feedback to increase your chances of winning more.

All the airdrop participants who successfully complete all the steps and submit the form with correct details will be eligible to receive reward coins, which will be credited into their respective wallets within 24 hours of the program completion.

For more information, visit: