Leland West Tips to Reduce Your Classic Car Insurance Premiums



If you have more than one vehicle you will want to keep your costs down. It is worth knowing that you can get multi-vehicle insurance policies from specialist providers, which will help to keep costs down.

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If you can demonstrate that you take a high level of care and provide a low level of risk, then chances are, your premium is likely to be lower. Just follow these simple steps suggested by our experts at Leland West Insurance to save money on your classic car insurance:


Increase your excess


Increase your excess is an easy and straightforward way to help lower your premium. It’s worth considering how much excess you could realistically afford to pay, as in the long run this may save you money through a lower premium.


Reduce your mileage


If your average yearly mileage is reasonably low, then you’ll save more on your premium. If you can, try to limit the miles you cover each year, and if you already travel less than 5000 miles a year, make sure this is reflected in your quote when you take out your insurance policy. On average, motorists cover c. 12,000 miles per annum.


Endorse your experience


The more driving experience you have, the better as far as insurance companies are concerned. And if you go the extra mile and take out an advanced driving course through an approved training provider, then this can also help reduce your classic car insurance premium.


Secure your car


If you keep your car securely locked in a garage overnight or on a private driveway this will be considered when your initial insurance policy is quoted. Fitting your car with alarms or immobilizers will also help to lower your insurance costs. In effect, the more you do to prevent your vehicle from being stolen or damaged, the more you’ll save on your premium.


If you own a classic car then consider classic car insurance from Leland West. We at Leland West Insurance car insurance provide you the best bet when looking to insure your vintage vehicles, and when you’re looking for insurance quotes for car.