Leading Quiz App Introduces New Features, Free Subscription for Kids to Keep Learning During Lockdown



The lockdown that led to the closure of schools has opened up a new world of learning online and through apps for kids.

Press Release

New Delhi, 30 March 2020: The lockdown that led to the closure of schools has opened up a new world of learning online and through apps for kids. Leading quizzing app, The Quizopedia has made subscriptions FREE and unveiled a slew of new features to help kids keep learning, building their knowledge base and sharpening quizzing and competitive skills.


Making the most of the lockdown, kids can now access a host of quizzes focused on the environment, world heritage, space, wildlife, current affairs, Indian Independence, math, science, grammar and languages, and much more for Free. English, History, Science, Current Affairs, India Heritage, General Knowledge are just a few of the many subjects covered in the quizzing app. The App makes kids enjoy learning through a variety of self-test and competition features.

The Quizopedia, an innovative standalone educational quiz app and has evolved as one of the leading eLearning platforms for kids from primary (Classes 1, 2), upper primary (Classes 3, 4, 5), middle (Classes 6, 7, 8) and secondary (9, 10, 11, 12).


Ultimate Quizzes for Free

The Quizopedia is now free and easy to use. It features a straightforward layout and simple vocabulary with large buttons that work perfectly for young children. Each quiz contains 15 questions and has 5 minutes to answer. The quiz app for kids will present your kids with multiple-choice questions that offer more than one attempt to get the question right.

Unlimited Practice Tests

The Quizopedia’s carefully designed practice tests challenge your child to perform in pressure situations so that she is better prepared for exam questions.

Instant Results

Kids can preview Instant Results after taking the quiz. Results are shown in real-time with correct answers. Kids also get an option to download the report.

Come Exam Day and your child will shine!

There are quiz questions for every day of the year. Stimulating facts and ways of thinking are dealt with simply and concisely.

Single Test

Single Test is a category based quiz. The users do not require a subscription and can use this feature on their smartphone for Free.

Learn by Watching Videos


The Quizopedia has a wide collection of informative videos which enable your kid to take advantage of visual learning techniques. Watching videos has been proven to be highly effective in retaining understanding of highly complex phenomena and objects.


You can visit https://www.thequizopedia.com/ to know more about The Quizopedia. This app is available for Free download at Google Play Store and App Store.


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