LayerFive 360 Marketing Insights Helps Companies To Retain Customer Gain During the COVID-19



LayerFive designed a consumer insights tool named 360 Marketing Insights with LayerFive’s 360° Marketing Insights & Omni-Channel Attribution platform

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LayerFive designed a consumer insights tool named 360 Marketing Insights with LayerFive’s 360° Marketing Insights & Omni-Channel Attribution platform to create New Customer Experience. It will help digital marketing companies better understand how to retain customers gained during the COVID-19 pandemic.

360 Marketing Insights leverages all known and anonymous customer and account data to build a 360-degree customer view that powers highly personalized impactful customer experiences. The actionable insights from the new solution enable companies to execute more effective account-based marketing and prospecting, account conversion and onboarding, as well as account growth and retention programs.

360 Marketing Insights helps companies monitor consolidated view of the buyer’s journey across all channels both online and offline, to build a complete 360° view of the consumer experience. LayerFive’s 360° Marketing Insights giving users real-time access to all the ad data, e.g., click and purchases; back into one place with our patent-pending solution, and delivers an omnichannel attributed view of the ad spend performance that includes owned and earned media interactions as well.

360 Marketing Insights was developed in response to research by the Omni-Channel Attribution platform, which indicated 45 per cent of U.S. consumers had shifted brands during the pandemic, with 85 per cent of them planning to stick with their new purchase decisions.

“Just as we see in the digital marketing world, there is a push for brands to drive more consistent and relevant customer experiences,” Sushil Goel, CEO of LayerFive. “However, companies face unique challenges, in particular, the complexity of the typical customer data model, with multiple identity hierarchies and the need to drive intelligence and activation within and across these different identities. The 360 Marketing Insights addresses these needs, powering a modern customer experience stack.”

Companies like BILLY Footwear has enjoyed a massive influx of new customers during the pandemic, are using 360 Marketing Insights to drive deep, immersive ongoing learning with new customers so they can better anticipate future, unmet needs and prevent future churn.

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