Launch of the Soft, Flushable, Biodegradable Wipes From Attn: Grace



As we all know Urinary incontinence is a bladder spillage issue and it is a condition where you will in general pee unconsciously and have no influence over your bladder.

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25 million grown-up Americans experience the ill effects of some type of urinary incontinence, and 75-80% of those are ladies. Incontinence influences 200 million individuals around the world. One of every four ladies beyond 18 years old experience scenes of pee spillage.

Between the ages of 18 and 44, roughly 24% of ladies experience incontinence.

For ladies more than age 60, roughly 23% arrangement with incontinence.

As you can see, you are not alone in this fight, so let’s discuss about a sustainable brand who is working to destigmatize the long-held taboo of incontinence and making life easier and happy for women.

Nowadays there are various selling markets that sell incontinence products online.

Yes, several online markets today do sell incontinence products. Many women tend to get these products without even knowing their proper size or they might be especially allergic to some of the products. Once they buy it and they aren’t satisfied enough, they start to think that it is a waste of money.

Several of the products sold by these online companies are also harmful to the environment as they may be single-use and non- biodegradable. So it is always advisable for women to buy incontinence briefs from a trusted  source.