Know about Your Religion with a New-Age Islamic Radio App in Canada



    Launched by Canadian Dar Alfatwa, CIDAC is an all-exclusive app that allows you to deepen your understanding of Islam, get the latest update, and more.

    Press Release

    Getting the most accurate update on the local prayer time or knowing the latest announcements in your city will no more be daunting for you as Canadian Dar Alfatwa launches an all-new app to resolve all your issues. Designed by considering the religious needs of the people belong to the Muslim community and the problems that they face, this app will allow you to perform the daily prayers on time, get answers to your questions on Islam, etc.

    Available both in the Google Play Store and App Store, the unique features of the CIDAC app include:

    • Know local prayer time
    • Get answers to shariah questions
    • Listen to Islamic radio
    • Locate community businesses
    • Find local masjids
    • Know about the pillars of Islam
    • And more

    Whether you want to listen to Islamic music or lectures on various topics on Islam, this Islamic radio app in Canada will be the right choice for you. As it will continue to update you about your favorite things, you will never miss anything.

    Besides, this all-exclusive app will make you familiar with various aspects of Islam that will otherwise remain unexplored to you. If you have further queries, you can submit it. It will be resolved by a scholar and emailed to you.

    Irrespective of the part of Canada you live in, you can know the daily prayer times (5 prayers) with this local prayer time reminder app, including sunrise, sunset, and iqama times.

    Moreover, you can donate to various projects easily via this app. You can choose the category for the donation from the app and donate. The receipt will be sent to you through email.

    To know more about CIDA or to have i9t on your device, visit App Store or Play Store now!

    About CIDAC: CIDAC is an all-exclusive Islamic app that allows you to know about this religion along with local masjids, prayer times, local businesses, and answer your queries on Islam. Download the app today!

    Contact Information
    City: Edmonton
    State: Alberta
    Post Code: T5E 0Y2
    Country: Canada
    Telephone: 7804061110
    Email: [email protected]