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How can you help your child's acting career? Here are tips we at Kids Act LA believe, you can use to help them succeed while they pursue their dream of acting.

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1) Sign them up for a good kids’ acting class

If your child is six or older, this is the first step to take before even thinking of an agent or headshots. Children actors don’t need that much training and “acting technique”. What they need is to build the confidence to be themselves when they act. Being around other kid actors and knowing what to expect when they go to children acting auditions will help them book their first acting job.


2) Get them a good kid headshot

Headshots are very important for any actors, because a headshot is the first thing casting directors see when they look through actor submissions. A kid headshot is even more important because children often don’t have much experience on their resume yet, so a lot of the time, all a casting director has to go by is their picture.


3) Try not to coach them

It’s natural for parents to want to help our children, but coaching them can really hold back their child acting career. That’s because we don’t see the world like they do. If we tell them how to say a particular line for an audition, we’re giving them an adult’s point of view on how we think the line should be said.


4) Audition Locally

If your child is just starting to attend kids casting calls, don’t travel miles to go to auditions in major cities far from your home. Not only will your child have to deal with longer lines and fiercer competition, but oftentimes kids’ auditions in big cities are not that kid friendly.


5) Keep it fun

Acting should always be fun for children. It’s the children who are passionate about acting that are successful because it’s like a game for them. How can you help keep it fun? Make sure no one – no teacher, agent or family member – is putting pressure on them to succeed.


At KIDS ACT LA we offer courses designed to teach our children the skills needed to get an edge in the entertainment industry. In business for thirteen years we have helped a large number of child actors harness their dedication. Our children have grown and prospered with us.




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