IT Industry In Nepal is Escalating: Scenario of IT in Nepal



Everyone in the world is aware of how crucial information technology is to modern businesses. IT has established itself as a prominent player in both service-based and product-based industries due to the importance of data and information management.

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The Nepali IT industry’s current state of affairs

As we examine its effects on the country’s economic sector, we can observe the development of the IT industry in Nepal. The sector of information technology and communication makes for 2.3% of the national GDP. This is not bad for a nation that only recently took its first steps into the technology world.¬†

Nepal is not exempt from the evolving information technology trends that affect the rest of the globe. What is occurring in the nation’s IT sector, then, that is causing such a rise in the field? To shed light on the present state of the Nepali IT industry, we have highlighted the current trends in the sector.

  • Online sales

E-commerce is rapidly expanding in Nepal’s contemporary commercial environment. A few of instances of companies that benefited from e-commerce include Daraz and Hamrobazar. It wouldn’t be incorrect to suggest that a company’s internet presence is crucial to its success given the state of the industry today.

  • Use of Internet

Most individuals in Nepal can readily use the Internet. By 2022, almost 38% of the nation’s population will have access to the internet. According to Kepios, there will be a 7.7% rise in internet users in 2022 compared to the previous year. As digital marketing grows, several businesses view the opportunity to interact with potential clients as advantageous.

  • Outsourcing¬†

The number of IT startups in the nation offering services both domestically and abroad is growing yearly. According to the FNCCI 2020 research, several Nepalese IT companies have already established themselves as global leaders in the specific markets where they sell their goods and services. Today, Nepal is the basis of operations for numerous IT businesses. IT businesses are effective in luring numerous foreign clients with affordable service charges and high-quality work.

  • The shift in IT career

The majority of IT specialists in Nepal up until recently worked in the software, online, and app development industries. The demand for cybersecurity professionals is rising as new technologies are developed. The old trend of IT courses in Nepal has changed to modern IT courses as a result, drawing interest to cybersecurity training. One of the best institutions in Nepal that offers contemporary IT courses is Softwarica College. The Softwarica College’s BSc Hons Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security and BSc Hons Computing programs guarantee that graduates keep up with the most recent developments in the IT industry.

The present trends indicate that the IT industry is steadily growing. What therefore is the outlook for Nepal’s IT sector? Well, there is a lot of reason to be optimistic. However, modifications to government policy also have a significant impact on how it develops.¬†