Inovi Solutions Creates Seamless Migration Process for Preserving Email Content in Copper-to-Salesforce CRM Migrations



Inovi’s process solves major hurdles for fast-growing businesses that have outgrown Copper CRM and want to transition to the Salesforce platform.

Press Release

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Inovi Solutions, a trusted Salesforce consultant and developer, has developed a proprietary process that allows companies to keep all email content and historical customer information when they migrate from the Copper customer relationship management platform to Salesforce.


Inovi’s process solves a major pain point and removes a hurdle that has previously prevented numerous businesses from migrating to Salesforce: it was previously impossible to preserve the entire body of historical emails with customers.


The risk of losing valuable customer data has forced many companies to stay on the Copper platform, which was designed for Google and G Suite, even though their businesses have become more complex and they clearly need a more sophisticated platform such as Salesforce.


Inovi’s team of dedicated Certified Salesforce Consultants and developers investigated the limitations of the Copper API, which allows data to be exported from standard and custom objects and fields such as Sender, Date, Subject and Recipient from Activity. However, Copper doesn’t allow you to pull the body of emails through the programming interface.


Inovi developed a migration method that combined Copper’s API, Google’s API, Salesforce’s Bulk API and other extraction tools to create a custom algorithm that matches the email header from Gmail with the email header from Copper to migrate the entire email content including the body from the original source in Gmail to Salesforce. The elegant solution preserves valuable historical interactions with customers and prospective customers in an easily searchable way inside the Salesforce platform.


“Thousands of fast-growing businesses have been handcuffed to the Copper platform long after recognizing that they are outgrowing it, but they couldn’t afford to lose the body of emails so they had no choice,” said Faiz Mannan, Founder and President of Inovi Solutions. “Now that we have created a solution that removes this barrier, businesses can upgrade to the world’s #1 CRM platform and accelerate their growth.”


With extensive experience handling large data migrations, Inovi was able to successfully import more than 1 million records for 20 users over a single weekend for a cooling fabric technology startup called brrr°, which allowed employees to begin using the Salesforce platform immediately at the start of the new work week.


Inovi Solutions also provides strategic Salesforce consulting services, custom Salesforce development, resource augmentation and Salesforce integration. Inovi works with companies of all sizes to help them solve their most challenging and complex Salesforce projects — on time, and on budget.