In the era of digital entrepreneurship, expert trainer helps clients navigate complicated markets



Cash Cartier, a leading Walking ATMs producer and influencer, explains how to master cryptocurrency and forex trading

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DALLAS – March 12, 2021: As bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies hit new all-time highs in the first quarter of this year, more people than ever took an interest in the decade-old digital currency.

Though the crypto space is full of upward momentum, breaking into crypto trading isn’t easy. One thought leader and financial expert want to help remove the mystery from cryptocurrency trading by offering to train anyone interested in moving into space.

Kaleb Mickens, better known as Cash Cartier, leads an entrepreneur academy that teaches aspiring investors how to become successful traders in cryptocurrency, foreign exchange (forex), and the stock market. He’s also one of the top earners in the world of network marketing.

Now, Cartier is offering guidance on how to navigate the complexities of crypto and forex markets along with his other tutorials on how to become an eCommerce entrepreneur.

“With the internet booming, cryptocurrencies reaching all-time highs, and social media and technology growing at such a rapid pace, there is no better time to become a digital entrepreneur,” Cartier said.

A talent on the football field from his early youth, when Cartier’s career in the Indoor Football League ended he was left out of focus and saddled with debt. In those days, he worked as a restaurant busboy to get by. Eventually, he chose to find his way out of debt and build a better career for himself by pursuing network marketing, day trading and investing. He believes that there is no such thing as easy or quick success.

Over the next several years, he built a worldwide reputation as one of the leaders of Walking ATMS, a startup with a goal to help others find success in the financial markets.

Today, Cartier maintains several active revenue streams as he builds his global enterprise and online brand. Through his growing social media channels, he helps thousands of people master the ins and outs of financial trading.

“It may seem overwhelming to break into complex markets, but trust me, if I can do it with a little hard work and perseverance, I believe that it is possible for you too,” he said.

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