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cPanel hosting is one of the best web hosting options available in market currently and mentioned by many professionals.

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cPanel hosting is one of the best web hosting options available in market currently and mentioned by many professionals. This is fully automated point and click hosting platform openly recognised itself as a great control panel for every level of users, from beginners to the most knowledgeable users.

cPanel WHM (Webhost Manager) is a familiar name among the people who provide web-hosting services. This is a new technology in web hosting service, which is an integral part of control panel system. But it is more useful as compare to the cPanel. With WHM you can manage your accounts as well as execute other interesting tasks that are relevant to the latest innovations in the web world.

WHM hosting presents a pack of outstanding features that are plenty enough to offer sophisticated service for users. Easy and simple web based interface allows user to work stress free.

Basic features of cPanel and WHM hosting are:

cPanel Features

It is a web-based control panel, use to make site management easier. cPanel comes with highlighted features of such as Mail, Security, Domains, Files, Databases, Logs, Apps Galore.

With this productive features empower your customers and offer them the ability to administer every facet of their website using simple point-and-click software.

WHM Features

Server Monitoring, User Accounts, Investment Protection, Branding, Transfers & Backups, Unique Customer Experience, & more.

About BuycPanel

BuycPanel has been serving quality services and support to their valuable clients since 2003. In the current competitive web hosting industry, cPanel and WHM services offered by company are the tools that lead your business or website to success. Many prestigious companies associated with BuycPanel as a cPanel Partner.

Advanced software developed by BuycPanel will give you a variety range of features that allow you to control every module of their website virtually; with the help of Webhost Manager (WHM) you able to handle every hosting account on your server. These time and money saving software’s perform streamlining tedious and automating server management tasks, to generate fruitful end results for customer satisfaction.

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