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And everything finally ties to one central theme i.e. Ikigai. Ikigai is the Japanese word that derives from 'iki', meaning life and 'kai', meaning the realization of hope and expectations.

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Book, “Ikigai”, Reveals the Japanese secret for a long and happy life.






Chennai, Jan 13, 2022.


This latest book, Ikigai: Japanese secret for a long and happy life, by authors Francesc and Hector, has made a marvelous mark in the world by his phenomenal creation. He has delivered about the reason for livelihood( being), in his book. Every story inside the book has some value regarding life’s big causes and solutions to lead a long-lasting life.


“ The word ‘Iki’- refers to life( in Japaneseanese), and ‘gai’- describes the worth. This is a true masterpiece that the author has produced, which makes much more than just sense, to make everyone get reminded of the missed out things and values in their respective lives. Also, at the same time, the author didn’t miss to point out the harsh reality, whichever that takes place in the world. And the real situations and clear-cut ideas to sneak out of a particular scenario, delivered by the author are also mesmerizing.


The eye-opening contents in the book differ in terms of conceptual as well as imaginable. A compact visual has been made by the author to realize the factual and the contemporary situations happening, and the secrets that the Japanese citizens follow up in their lives. The author has mentioned, “Our ikigai is different for each and every one. It’s not about what happens, but it’s about what we think and react that matters.”


Ikigai could be one of the best self-help books to build an active life mentally and physically in addition to finding your ikigai


Ikigai is now available in ebook, audiobook, and print versions at Monkmart. To avail, visit : www.monkmart.in





–Report by Shiva