HUMU Opportunities & Solutions for Creators and Developers



HUMU intends to create and provide new opportunities for creators in fashion and other industries to effectively and easily generate revenue from their creative work.

Press Release

HUMU is a decentralized, blockchain platform for the creative industry, offering a fair and transparent way for creators to monetize their work and digital content by turning it into NFTs and selling to a global community of fans.

HUMU – Offering Opportunities to creators

One of the missions of HUMU is to provide creators worldwide with a diverse range of revenue opportunities along with fair and fast payouts. This will be made possible with the use of HUMU NFT tokens.

HUMU tokens will be used to make instant payouts to creators and sellers.

Creators can earn from HUMU in multiple ways, including but not limited to – 

  1. Trade of NFTs – Tokenize your work and sell it in the form of NFT to hundreds of fans in our community and get fair and timely payouts.
  2. Win in weekly contests – Participate in weekly contests on the HUMU platform and get a chance to win exciting awards, including free tokens.
  3. Share – Tell your friends and peers about the HUMU platform and its benefits. Earn handsome rewards for referring people to join HUMU.
  4. Beta test – Participate in beta testing of developing and upcoming HUMU projects and win exciting rewards, including free product trials, coupons, and more.
  5. Write reviews – Write product reviews and share your genuine feedback about products on the HUMU marketplace in exchange for rewards.

That’s not all. Creators and fans can also sign up on the HUMU unity go app to get the most exclusive and latest deals available with HUMU tokens.

HUMU Solution for developers and creators

HUMU is creating a platform for every creator, including designers, artists, models, and others, to showcase and monetize their work. 

In short, Creators on HUMU will –

  • Get to digitize their work and creative content
  • Have the freedom to work on their own terms
  • Get more and a wide range of revenue streams and options
  • Get access to different and easy tools to create NFT
  • Get faster and fair payouts after selling NFT
  • Have to pay zero gas fee for NFT creation

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