How Can You Convert Your Traditional Kitchen Into A Modular One?



Get your dream modular kitchen affordably for following the six steps mentioned here

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A beautiful house with stylish designs and interior decor is everyone’s dream. But most of the affordable apartments in Kolkata come with a conventional kitchen, having a granite or marble slab with a fixed sink on it, which doesn’t go well with the latest interior decor trends. So how can you convert your conventional kitchen into a modular kitchen in Kolkata? Before getting to that, let’s see why it is necessary for modern life.

Steps To Convert Your Conventional Kitchen Into A Modular One:


Following is a step-to-step guide that will help you to get a modular kitchen without investing in a high-rise apartment,


1.// Plan Accordingly: For installing a modular kitchen into your existing traditional one, all you need to do is draft smartly. Ensure that the modular kitchen designs you are planning to execute are convenient and efficient according to your place and delimit the locations for microwave, water filter, electric points, and other kitchen gadgets before starting with the process.


2.// Customize Cabinets Appropriately: The great advantage of installing a modular kitchen is you can customize your cabinets and wooden drawers as per your requirements to suit all the corners and spaces of your kitchen. Determine the items you want to hold in your kitchen cabinets and choose the appropriate designs according to your need.


3.// Introduce Modular Kitchen Accessories: Once you determine your kitchen requirements and designs, go for the other modular accessories selection. Choose which accessories will go perfectly for your modular kitchen and finalize your items. You can add accessories such as adjustable shelves, bin holders, pull-out cabinets, corner carousel, etc. And if you have a tall unit, you can also install drawers to store bottles, spices, trays, etc., to get easy access to the pantry.


4.// Add Modular Shelves: Modular shelves or wall accessories are necessary to get easy access to kitchen essentials. They are handy to hold the spices and other required items for regular cooking. Despite spices, you can also use them to hang utilities such as spatulas, spoons, etc.


5.// Install A Chimney: Chimney is one of the crucial parts of having a modular kitchen, as it takes away all the smokes and gases from cooking outside and prevents the cabinets, tiles, and other accessories from getting grime. It also keeps the kitchen fresh and clean by taking out all the odor and smoke outside the house and providing a sleek modern look.


6.// Finalize The Color: Another essential part of setting up a modular kitchen is to select a bright, vibrant color for your cabinets and accessories.