How Can I Travel From Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Airport?



Public transport may be cheaper, but it can be far less comfortable than a private shuttle.

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Private shuttles take you to your destination directly and avoid the hassle of navigating the busy airport. They are also faster than public transport. Private shuttles also allow you to get off the bus and go directly to your hotel. You can also avoid waiting in long lines for public transportation. When traveling by private shuttle, you’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind and the convenience of not having to worry about your luggage getting lost. You can easily travel from Fort Lauderdale to Miami from

A variety of taxi and shuttle services are available at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. You can usually find one outside the arrivals exit or on the first level of each terminal. Private shuttles will often wait with your name on them. These services are also available to those without luggage. Whether you’re a business traveler or a family vacationing with a large group, a shuttle service is a great option.

You can also take a train. There are ten routes running between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. The first leaves at 03:10 AM, and the last leaves at 21:00 PM. The ride takes at least 35 minutes, and there’s free WiFi to use. You’ll pay $7.99 for the fare, which is considerably less than other means of transportation. Additionally, buses are more environmentally-friendly, making them a great choice for any budget traveler.

Another inexpensive option is to take a train from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Airport. The train ride is comfortable, but it can get quite crowded during the airport’s peak times. You should buy a snack and water in advance to keep yourself hydrated. This option is also more convenient than a bus, but it may not be ideal if you’re traveling with a lot of luggage. If you plan on traveling by train, make sure to book your tickets early.

You can also use a taxi. Taxis are plentiful in Fort Lauderdale and are easy to locate from the curbside. Depending on traffic, a taxi will take about 35 minutes. The price will vary, but it’s an affordable option for many travelers. The driver will also help you with your luggage. A taxi will cost you about $75. If you’re traveling alone, this is a great option.

Another option is a private transfer from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Airport. These transfers are cheap and flexible and can be booked online. The drivers will pick you up from the airport and bring you to the cruise ship terminal. This is a great way to get to the city.

You can also take a train from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Airport. The train route changes daily, but the journey is only about an hour long. If you’re traveling by public transit, you can check the train schedule online or purchase a ticket at the station.

Another way to get to Miami from Fort Lauderdale Airport is by taking a bus. The Brightline connects downtown Fort Lauderdale to Miami and West Palm Beach. This new transit option is inexpensive, and rates start at $10. The Fort Lauderdale station is located at 101 NW Second Avenue. This is close to the area’s major museums and performing arts centers. It’s also easy to find a cab or Lyft.

How Long Does It Take From Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Airport?

The cheapest way to get from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Airport is to take a bus. There are no direct bus lines between the two airports, so you’ll need to make use of a connecting bus. However, these bus services are often limited, especially during the early morning and late night hours. Also, buses may not operate during some major holidays, like New Year’s Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day. You can book an online airport taxi from

You can also take a taxi. Although cabs can be expensive, they are plentiful at Fort Lauderdale Airport. Taxis are clearly marked from the arrivals area, and the driver will help you with your luggage. The trip takes about 35 minutes, depending on traffic. It costs around $75.

Another convenient way to get to the Miami Airport is by train. If you have a large suitcase, you may want to take the train. Trains leave every 20 minutes during rush hours and every hour outside of rush hours. However, trains run less frequently on weekends, and it’s important to check the schedule before you go. If you don’t check it, you might find yourself sitting in the train station for a long time.

If you’d prefer not to take the train, you can take a bus. However, you’ll be spending between $11 and $25 per person. Another cheaper option is a shuttle. This will take you to Miami airport and then pick you up at Fort Lauderdale Airport. However, the bus service will take longer than a private taxi. If you want to travel in style, you can hire a private car, which will cost around $180.

If you’d prefer a train, you can also take the Tri-Rail train from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. This option is the most affordable way to get from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Airport. The train station is outside the airport, and you can exit or board the train via a free shuttle. This should take about an hour. You’ll need to plan on an hour of travel time, but this option can be an option if you’re on a budget.

If you’re driving from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Airport, you’ll need to factor in local gas prices. This will allow you to get the most mileage out of your vehicle and still arrive at your destination. If you’re meeting a friend at the airport, you might want to look for the halfway point on the route that would make the trip more manageable. Alternatively, you might want to know how long it takes to fly from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Airport.

The journey from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Airport is between 30 and 50 minutes. By car, the journey takes between 25 and 30 miles and depends on the actual route you take. If you’re traveling with a large group, you’ll likely benefit from a private transfer, which is less expensive than a cab. It’s also the most comfortable way to travel. Depending on traffic conditions, you’ll be able to save up to $100 USD on the total cost.

If you’re flying into Miami and want to take a cab, you can also use Uber. This private rideshare company can pick you up at the Fort Lauderdale airport and take you to the Miami cruise terminal. You can use this service by downloading the Uber app and registering your credit card. The cost of a ride from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Airport is around $25 to $35 per person.