How can I get my Facebook account back?



Facebook is used by millions worldwide. If you are facing a problem while using Facebook then you can connect to them.

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There may be times you are genuinely in trouble. For example, if you lost your account and you are pondering over how can I get my account back, then don’t worry we will walk you through the solution to your problems.

What are the general problems that you can encounter on Facebook
There are a few general problems which you can face at Facebook and they are:

· Payment issues

· Abuse in content

· Account recovery

If you are facing any of the issues try contacting Facebook.

How do I speak to a live person at Facebook?

You can try contacting there customer representative number or try the following:

· Log in to your account and click on the little encircled question mark on top right corner of the top of the page.

· After clicking it go to “Report a Problem”

· From there one more menu will drop down with the following options:

o General feedback

o Payment Issue

o Something isn’t working

o Abusive Content

· You can try contacting them to their email as well

· The Help Community of the company is also a great option to look for solutions

How to recover your account at Facebook
To recover an old account please do the following:

· You need to visit the profile of the account you would like to recover

· Click on the three dots under your cover photo

· Then select on Find support or Report Profile

· Then choose Something Else, then press Next

· Now you can click on Recover This Account

Hope the post was helpful.