How can I connect my device to the android studio?



How can I connect my device to the android studio?

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Before investigating your gadget, choose if you need to use a Wi-Fi to interface the device. Then do the accompanying:

  1. On the gadget, open the Settings application, select Developer choices, and afterward, empower USB troubleshooting.

Set up your framework to distinguish your gadget.

  • Chrome operating system: No extra setup required.
  • macOS: No extra setup required.
  • Ubuntu Linux: Two things should be set up accurately: every client that needs to utilize and should be in the plugdev bunch, and the framework needs to have udev decides introduced that cover the gadget.

Note that bunches just get refreshed on login, so you’ll have to log out for this change to produce results. When you log back in, you can utilize id to see that you’re presently in the plugdev bunch.

Associate with your device utilizing Wi-Fi

To utilize remote investigating, you want to coordinate your gadget to your workstation using a matching code.

  1. Ensure that your workstation and gadget are associated with a similar remote organization.
  2. Ensure that your gadget is running Android 11 or higher.
  3. Ensure that you have Android Studio Bumblebee Canary. You can download it here.
  4. On your workstation, update to the most recent variant of the SDK Stage methods.

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