Homeland Security Research Corp: Big Data and Data Analytics in National Security



HSRC’s market report details how global big data in the Homeland Security and Public Safety market.

Press Release

Big Data & Data Analytics Market is Booming! The Big Data & Data Analytics – Hardware, Software & Services Market in National Security & Law Enforcement: 2019-2022 report forecasts that this industry’s revenues will grow at a 2015-2022 CAGR of 17.5%. The use of big data and data analytics by Homeland Security, Defense, Public Safety organizations and intelligence agencies is on the rise, mostly because the world is becoming more digital and connected. This is creating new opportunities, not only for data collection and storage, but also for intelligence processing, exploitation, dissemination, and analysis.

Big data and data analytics technologies can increase the investigative capabilities of intelligence organizations in many relevant aspects, including, war on crime & terror, defense from cyber-attacks, public safety analytics, disaster and mass incident management, and development of predictive capabilities. All fields of Intelligence benefit from big data growth including Osint Market, Sigint Market, Cyber defense activities, financial and investigations.

HSRC forecasts that the big data and data analytics in National Security and Law Enforcement market in Asia Pacific and Europe to grow rapidly, with CAGR in the low 20s, especially due to the Chinese and Western European markets.

HSRC’s market report details how global big data in the Homeland Security and Public Safety market are boosted by the following drivers:

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