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HomyFarmy.com, a home goods and home accessories online retailer supplies a variety of unique and curated home and garden merchandise designed to make your house a sanctuary of safety and comfort and is backed by hundreds of positive product reviews. From bathroom and kitchen accessories for homeowners to storage solutions and multi-functional tools for repairs and everything home improvement – ideal for the DIY (Do It Yourself) enthusiasts, house-proud homeowners, or renters alike.The company offers free shipping to over 200 countries around the world and provides excellent customer service to assist with orders and inquiriesHaving released an expanded range of affordable tools and repair products recently that includes Magnetic Wrist Bands, Automatic Wire Stripper, and Work Gloves with LED Lights to name a few. The company’s latest collection is ideal for homeowners who are looking for unique DIY repair tools that help save money and minimize time spent on repairs around the house.In addition to this, the versatile Drill Scrubber Brush Kit is also a best seller. The set includes three different brush heads and an extension rod, that can be attached to any drill and can be used to clean any surface in the home and cutting down cleaning times to almost half and requiring no harsh cleaning agents.Homy Farmy’s newest product range allows customers to transform their household into a cleaner, more organized, and better-decorated environment.Customers can browse the online retailer’s wide selection of multifunctional tools and repair products, including protractors, drywall cutters, screen door repair patches, glass repair liquids, and more.The experts at HomyFarmy.com know that their customers would much rather spend their time with friends and family than with labor-intensive cleaning. Many of the products offered in the cleaning category are designed to virtually cut cleaning times in half without the use of harsh cleaning agents. This includes the 4-in-1 Multifunctional Mop which is also a broom, dry mop, wet mop, and window cleaner all in one,  the Multifunctional Cleaning Claw which helps to clear stuck drainage in sinks or toilets quickly and and also acts as a sturdy and flexible claw to pick up any fallen off or blown away items from hard to reach places. A satisfied customer said, “Very happy with homyfarmy.com Most of the products sold are great quality, easy to use and it took a boring chore that normally would take me 30 mins down to 5 mins.”