Heaters4Saunas Offers Best Deals on a Timberline Sauna Stove



Heaters4Saunas is the premier name in the sauna industry, providing best deals and offers on wood-fired sauna heaters including Timberline Wood Sauna Stove.

Press Release

(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 12th December 2018) – Heaters4Saunas brings in top-of-the-line wood sauna heaters for sale combining the traditional features with modern design in the new Timberline wood sauna stove. Perfectly engineered for optimal efficiency and durability, these stoves are manufactured from the industry-best materials. The top-quality assurance and low pricing guarantee make the Timberline wood sauna stove stand out in the wood-fired heater industry. Earlier, saunas were heated naturally using wood-fired heaters. Now it’s still considered as the desired heating choice for most sauna enthusiasts, especially if they appreciate the benefits of sprinkling water over the hot rocks.

One of the main benefits of using a Timberline wood sauna stove is that it operates without electricity. This means, they are perfect to use and operate in off-grid cottage applications or remote locations, though most sauna enthusiasts prefer wood-burning stoves for their therapeutic benefits even if they do have access to electricity.  The Timberline sauna stove available at Northern Lights is designed in two different parts. It has an internal wood firebox made up of thick steel that absorbs heat. Timberline sauna stove has an external box made up of top quality stainless steel offering the heater an attractive look while protecting it from rusting.

In addition to, the sauna stove has a ceramic infused heat resistant glass door that makes the fire to glow softly and illuminate the sauna room. You will find a removable ash catcher ensuring easy removal of ash waster. The sauna stove by Timberline also includes a box on the top that is designed to fit 25lbs of their special high-temperature sauna stones. In fact, you can install this stove into a sauna quickly and effortlessly like lighting the internal wood fire which heats it.

“Over the last few years, our Timberline wood sauna stoves have become a known name in the wood-fired spa heating industry. This is due to fact that each and every product from our selection is built with industry-best materials throughout Europe and available with 5 years manufacturer warranty. The competitive pricing and superior manufacture quality make it really difficult for other manufacturers to compete with us. For more information about our wood burning sauna heaters, please contact us as soon as possible”, says a spokesperson for Heaters4Saunas.

About The Company –

Heaters4Saunas manufactures and supplies the finest standard barrel saunas made up of Canadian western red cedar. They export the sauna and hot tub supplies internationally direct to the customers delivering unparalleled standard customer service and the most competitive pricing guarantee. For more questions about sauna heaters, please visit the website at https://www.heaters4saunas.com/.