Healthy Lifestyle Programs For Kids In Killeen, TX



The release discusses about Healthy Lifestyle Programs for Kids by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas in Killeen, TX. It further highlights other programs at the club.

Press Release

Killeen, TX/2019: Inculcating healthy lifestyle habits in kids directly impacts their lives as adults. Positive lifestyle habits improve their well-being and help them grow into self-sufficient & confident adults. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas in Killeen, TX contribute towards fostering healthy lifestyle habits in kids through various programs for children of different age groups.

Founded in 1964, the club is spread over 25 sites in 8 communities. Its mission is to help youngsters benefit via various programs. In furtherance of this, the club organizes various activities to help students learn and grow in a safe, fun-filled environment.

Healthy Lifestyle Programs For Kids

All Stars: This organized league sport and fitness program is available for kids aged 6 to 18 years. It is meant for flag football, step & dance and basketball teams. The program aims to boost physical activity and social interaction among children.

Passport to Manhood: This program is for boys in the age group of 8 to 14 years. The boys are involved in discussions and activities meant to reinforce leadership, character & positive behavior.

SMART Girls: This program for girls aged 8 to 18 years helps them develop healthy attitude through health, fitness and self-esteem enhancement programs. The program includes field trips, dynamic sessions, participatory activities and mentoring by adult women.

SMART Moves (Skills Mastery and Resilience Training): The program addresses issues such as drug/alcohol abuse and premature sexual activity among children aged 6-15 years. Kids are engaged in meaningful discussions, role-playing activities, taught resilience skills, assertiveness, decision making skills and analyzing media & peer influence.

Triple Play: This health and wellness program is for 6-18 year old kids. The program focuses on three main components namely mind (healthy habits), body (daily challenges) and soul (social recreation). Kids are encouraged to increase physical activity, educated about good nutrition and encouraged to develop healthy relationships.

Other Programs

Academic Success Programs: These programs are aimed at helping children achieve better grades, experience with technology, reading, learning and more.

Good Character And Citizenship Programs: The programs help in developing leadership skills, decision making and community engagement among kids.

For more information about programs offered by Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, you can call at (254)699-5808 or visit 304 W Avenue B, Killeen, TX 76541, USA. You can also log on to