Happy Tails Starts Offering Dog Obedience Training in South Jersey



Happy Tails recently started providing dog obedience training in South Jersey. The experienced pet care professionals and dog trainers deployed by Happy Tails will make dogs differentiate right from wrong.

Press Release

Happy Tails, a reputable dog training and walking service providers recently started offering dog obedience training in South Jersey. The provider deploys skilled dog trainers and pet care professional to make the dog understand right from wrong. The dog obedience training program further aims to fulfil a set of crucial needs in a dog’s life including exercise, relaxation, and mental stimulation.

A steady increase is being noted in the number of pet owners availing dog obedience training in South Jersey to manage their dogs in an easier way. A number of studies even suggest that dog obedience training contributes immensely towards forming and sustaining a close bond between the dog and the dog owner. But the pet owners living in South Jersey often find it challenging to get their dogs trained by skilled and experienced dog trainers.

Happy Tails has formed a team of dog trainers and pet care professional to provide the best dog walking and training service. The spokesperson of Happy Tails looked optimistic while announcing the dog obedience training program in South Jersey. According to her statement, “Happy Tails is passionate about helping dog owners to manage their dogs. In addition to deploying skilled and experienced dog trainers, we have also designed the dog obedience training program with the intention to make the dogs obedient, responsive, relaxed, and happy.”

Happy Tails makes it easier for dog owners to provide dog obedience training program to their pets by dividing the training program into 6 one-hour sessions. The pet owners can further train their dog conveniently by meeting once a week for 6 weeks. Happy Tails have further designed the obedience training program by targeting adolescent dogs. In addition to making the dog respond to distractions continuously, the training program also makes the pet learn basic commands and fundamental training.

The skilled dog trainers deployed by Happy Tails will make the dog learn fundamental skills like name recognition, sit, stand, come, stay and leave it. Also, they will prepare the dog for loose-leash walking. The pet owners in New Jersey are expected to avail the dog obedience training provided by Happy Tails to manage their adolescent dogs without any hassle. They even have option to gather additional information about the dog obedience training program and receive price quote simply by making a phone call to Happy Tails.