Guidelines for Design a Pet-Friendly Bathroom



Times are constantly changing, and it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and designs — especially when it comes to your residential or commercial space.

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Maximum pet owners believe that keeping a pet means adding another person to the family because there always have to be a someone who can feed them, bathe them from time to time. That’s the reason every family wants to find a better way to bathe their pets without any hassle. Here comes pet-friendly safe bathroom. These kinds of bathrooms can be a solution for bathing your beloved pets. In this blog, we are going to discuss some ideas to make a pet-friendly bathroom:

  1. Consider Open Shower

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom then here’s an idea that can turn your bathroom into a luxury space and very resourceful for bathing your pet. In this concept, you need to reduce your tub wall so you don’t need to climb over the wall and take your shower. Also, you don’t need to carry your pet over the wall to take them to a bath.

2. Curbless Open Shower

To get a more appeal in your shower, you can choose a curbless model. These kinds of showers come without the tub wall and have a curb around the shower. You just need to take your pet inside with like you take them everywhere else. You can do it without any struggle to get inside.

3. Make Non-Slip Shower Floors

This is very important, your pet or you might get slipped in the shower. To reduce that you can make a non-slip surface with a special textured material or coating for your bathroom.

4. Add a Detachable Showerhead

This is a very easy job for you; just replace the traditional showerhead with a model which is detachable. That will let you move spraying the water whole over the body of your pet.

5. Tile Bathroom Floors

This is one of the best bathroom floor options for peoples with pets because tile is very easy to clean, waterproof, durable and also pet-friendly. Once your dog completes the shower then they might shake off in your bathroom, the tile floor is easy to clean the mess.

6. Include Closed Toilet Lid

By including closed toilet lid you can avoid all the dangers might happen to your pets. This prevents your pets from poisoning in automatic bowl cleaners and also potential drowning.

Pets can make a significant role to bring joy and happiness to your family. So you have to make a pet-friendly bathroom to keep safe and healthy for your furry friends. There are lots of  bathroom contractors available in your area that can solve this issue. Choose the appropriate remodeler like Perfect Fit Construction and make your bathroom pet-friendly.