GSW gets Excellence Award for making houses safe



    The owner of www.schl├╝, Thomas Ernst, gets the Excellent Award for making a house safe with a small investment of only a few bucks.

    Press Release

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    The international board of key experts has announced that the leading key and security service gets the Excellence Award for outstanding achievements in their security expertise. The company exist since generations and the Vienna outlet since more than 30 years.

    “Now you can get a perfect security key system for just a few Bucks”, says keymaker Thomas Ernst, owner of the company GSW from Vienna, Austria,

    Flashback: Since the German chancellor Angela Merkel granted illegal immigrants an uncontrolled access to the EU the criminal activities mainly in Germany and Austria have risen to a record level. Especially burglars and thieves were flooding the homes of normal Viennese citizens. Very often they could not afford to have a perfect but expensive security system.

    .”I have been working with security systems and keys for many years, and over the years I have felt the desire to offer these perfect security systems for a really affordable price and make them work for normal citizens”, Thomas Ernst comments on his passion for security.

    The website is visited by many concerned Viennese citizens on a daily basis to learn more about home protection and security in a troubled environment. Especially since the number of home invasions in Vienna has reached a peak level and is still growing. Older people in their villas made frightening expierences with kidnappers, burglars and thieves from Eastern Europe and even Asia, i.e. from Serbia, Romania, Albania, Afghanistan and Russia.

    Security experts estimate that the number of home invasions will still increase in the next months. Therefore the need for perfect but affordable security systems is on a record level too.

    Therefore the potential victims must rely on a better equipment.

    For the house owner more security can be provided by additional key systems, bar closing systems and mechanical electric cylinders.

    More details about house security, keys and information how to keep your house safe are available at the website